iPhone Microphone – How to Replace Your iPhone’s Internal Microphone

The internal microphone of the iPhone can be used to broadcast and record external sound. If unfortunately, the internal microphone of your iPhone has been damaged or if it is not operating as it should be, then you do not need to worry. The internal microphone of the iPhone can be easily replaced without the requirement of acquiring the services of a professional.

With the passage of time, every electronic piece can be damaged and it is not such a big deal. Let us guide you about how to replace your iPhone internal microphone in the easiest and most convenient way.

1. To begin, turn the iPhone off. Turn the device over so that the back is facing you. Right at the place where the plastic base panel and the metal back panel meet, you will see a gap. Use the case opening tool and insert its tip in the gap. Softly pull the panel off and put it aside.

2. Then open the three screws positioned at the base of the back metal panel.

3. Now you have to use the case opener tool again to pry around and separate the panel. You should do this by starting from the side of the panel. You will see a ribbon cable which connects the back panel with a port in the front half. You have to unplug that ribbon cable. Then place the back panel aside.

4. On the lower half on the main circuit board, you will see three white colored antenna cables. Unplug those cables from their ports as well.

5. There are ten screws on the exterior edges of the unit, and three screws on the top of the main circuit board. Remove and open all these screws.

6. Now lift out and remove the main circuit board, along with the battery. Remember to disconnect all the cables from their ports in the main circuit board housing.

7. Force open the metal frame from the frontage of the housing. Your fingers can be used to easily complete this task.

8. The LCD screen on the device consists of six clips, three clips on each side. By using the screwdriver, you can open these six clips and then remove the screen itself.

9. Here, you will see the small round microphone in the base of the housing. You can remove it and replace it with the new microphone which you have. Follow all the previous step in reverse to assemble the device again.

By following these steps, you can easily replace your iPhone microphone yourself.

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